100m Kent Tooling composite Ratchet Reel


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100m Kent Tooling  composite Ratchet Reel

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120mm Ø x 60mm Width Spool

These reels have the same features of our standard ratchet reels except that the backplate is made from a very strong composite material instead of 316 Stainless Steel. All other components are 316 Stainless Steel providing the same level of quality.

The use of a composite material reduces the weight by just under 400g making it ideal as a "travel" reel whenever weight is an issue.

You are able to use the reel in either free-spool or ratchet mode:

    • To get free-spool mode, you lock the trigger in the "down" position using the spring-loaded pin on the side of the trigger by rotating the black knob, and clicking into place in the deeper slots on the castellation.

  • To put it back into ratchet mode, you simply do the reverse, the pin clicking into the shallow slots of the castellation


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