X-Deep Hydros 40 wing


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X-Deep Hydros 40 wing

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The xDeep Hydros Wing is made using a double bladder design, the outer layer is designed to protect the inner from punctures, cuts and abrasions to ensure your primary source of buoyancy source is kept safe. The xDeep Hydros wing is designed for use with twinsets the xDeep 40 Hydros Wing being narrower than other 40lb wings on the market is suitable for use with 2x7 litre twinsets up to a maximum of 2x12 litre sets. The narrower design improves streamlining to improve gas efficiency and stability. The xDeep Hydros 50 Wing is designed for twinsets and a number of stage bottles for aggressive technical diving and is slightly wider to accommodate the extra width of a larger set. the shape of both wings makes it easy to reach the twinset manifold ensuring shut down drills are quick and effective.

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